Echte Fälschungen

‘The quirky, lyrical, imaginative, arresting, romantic fantasies of Billy Cowie deeply impressed me.’  
Mikhail Baryshnikov

‘Billy Cowie is the Godfather of 3D dance movies.’ Gilles Jobin

Billy Cowie is a Scottish artist, writer and choreographer working principally in the areas of installation and film. His ground breaking films include for BBC2 TV – Beethoven in Love and the multi award winning Motion Control and for Channel 4 TV – Break and Tango Brasileiro.

His stereoscopic installation pieces (including In the Flesh, winner of the Delegates Prize at IMZ 2008 and Tango de Soledad) have been installed in galleries in over thirty countries on six continents including retrospectives at Kyoto Art Centre, Japan; Baryshnikov Centre, New York; Sesc, Sao Paulo; Open Look, St Petersburg; 53 Art Museum, Guangzhou, China; Hong Kong Arts Centre etc.

Commissions include Doppelgänger for New Art Gallery Walsall; Jenseits for Rivoli Arts Museum; Under Flat Sky for Museum of Art Kochi. Last year he was asked to make a two hour site specific art work including live performance and multiple projections for Fondazione Prada in Milano. His Art of Movement commissioned by the Kyoto Experiment Festival which includes real and artificial dancers who are indistinguishable won the Prix du Jury at FCIDC 2013.

His book Anarchic Dance (published by Routledge in 2006) details much of this work.

In Berlin he will be presenting his state of the art Stereoscopic Dance Retrospective featuring performers from Japan, India, Cuba, Germany and Poland.

Photos by © Nae Fukata and Karen Stuke